About us and our company


       Welcome to our company page.

          We will not try to praise and to convince that we are the best company and we produce the best product. We just will tell you about a USEFUL TOOL.

          This tool quickly gained popularity in the world the above mentioned tool that is for tying plants. This tool is widely used in tying vineyard, seedlings, flowers, tomatoes and other plants that need to be tied.

          On the Russian sites, the tool is called in different ways, as a stapler for tying (garter stapler), tapener (tapinir), and apparatus for tying, and tape tool and tool for tying. On the English sites, this tool is also referred to in different ways and Tapetool, TapeBinder, Tapener.

          This tool is powered by a handle compression, while through the guide joint are fed the staples, which one after another, at the outlet, is clamped in order to connect the edges of the loop of the tape - because through  a special groove the tape from the cassettes enters and by using it, there is produced the embracing of vine, stems or branches, fixing them on the fixturing. For working with this tool it is needed the consumables - staples and tape.

          Having studied the instrument and experimenting it in working on different plants and in different conditions, we have concluded – that this is a very useful tool, which has a number of advantages, and fundamentally has changed the old methods of tying.

          Our company has decided to make this tool more accessible and economically viable due to the quality and price of its consumables, namely the tape.

          By organizing our own production, we have launched the tying tape - FIXROLL. The main advantages of our tape we believe are its strength, the number of meters per roll and the price. These criteria make our tying tape more acceptable in mass use in large enterprises, where the paramount importance has the productiveness and effectiveness.

          The tying tape - FIXROLL produced by us has already recommended itself not only in the territory of the Republic of Moldova, but also in Ukraine, Romania and Russia.

          We will be glad to receive feedbacks on our products. Everyone can send us comments, suggestions, feedbacks, by filling out a letter on the page "Contacts".

       We wish you a pleasant experience!